Vrai Vie 24/48

I am so excited to add to my services, in-home "Vrai Vie" (real life) postpartum sessions. The immediate postpartum time is a most sacred one. Your body and life have changed in a most beautiful way. The trouble is, we don't always see this change as beautiful, I know that I did not. But it is and it's all about perspective and I want to show you how beautiful that can be.

In bed, no make-up, no fancy dress, no pressure to clean or pick up the mess left behind. Just you and your baby relaxed and bonding while I document it all. Telling your story through my lens and preserving it for many lifetimes.

These sessions are raw, they are real and they are beautiful. They can take place in home or in the hospital. You have permission to be free, secure and feminine in a most authentic way.